We provide a no-cost consultation with your first visit. This is an interactive, educational process where we learn your needs, wishes and skills, and begin the process of designing a styling, treatment and home care process with you.

Our full- service trims are performed on clean, dry hair and take 45 minutes to an hour. Dry shaping is more precise and allows the stylist and client to see precisely how the hair lays and responds. The proper line and body are returned to the ends, while split ends are removed throughout the hair. A dusting removes only a minimal amount of length to allow for continued growth. If you choose to have some length removed for health or other reasons, this will only be done after you see exactly where the length will be.

Our color services offer a wide range of design options, employing state-of-the-art professional systems by Scruples and Tressa.

Long hair shaping w/ split ends trim: $65
Shaping only, no split end trim $50
Color Services by quote, starting at $75
12 Minute heat cap conditioning $65
One Hour Professional Treatment $90
Shaping, splits, conditioning packages: 12 Minute: $125
One Hour: $150

We do not perform permanent waving or chemical straightening.

Services are by appointment Tuesday through Saturday, with evening appointments available during the week. We are closed Sunday and Monday.

Enchantress is a specialty salon. We take a consultative approach where you benefit from our knowledge and expertise while you learn to take care of your hair and feel confident that your wishes are honored.