The Long Hair Salon Experience's Jennifer Bahney has been visiting our salon for years. She published the following photo essay on her Web site in the Fall of 2001.

I've been visiting The Enchantress Long Hair Salon on the West Side of Cleveland, Ohio since 1997. The owners, Lance and Jody have really helped me grow my hair from shoulder-length to waist length, with a few self-imposed bumps in between. (In a momentary lapse of reason, I cut my hair back to shoulder-length in 1999 and had to start all over again).

Following is a photo essay of my visit to their long hair salon. I hope all Longhairlovers visitors will some day have the chance to be so pampered!

When you visit Enchantress for the very first time, Lance and Jody will give you a full, free consultation to explain their services and what you can expect for your hair. Since I've been going for ages, we skipped that part!

Instead, Lance handed me a mirror so we could both take a look at my hair at the same time. We assessed the current condition and decided that there was a small weak spot in the back that should probably be trimmed of. (Weak spots occur from damage or when some hairs grow slower than others).

Together, Lance and I decide that he'd take off 1", which would remove the weak spot and still keep my overall length at 30". (He never cuts off more than you agree to!)

Hopefully for my next visit, I'll be able to have a dusting trim, which removes just enough of the hair's dry ends to leave a "dusting" of hair on the floor.

Next, Lance gently twisted my hair in sections to trim off any split ends that popped up.

After all split ends were removed, Lance shampooed my hair in a special long hair sink with a sloped bottom that keeps long hair from tangling. He then applied the Madora/George Michael One-Hour Treatment to my damp hair and carefully wound the sections on top of my head.

As a general rule of thumb, it's a good idea to have a professional treatment four times a year, at the start of each new season.

Lance covered my coated hair with a plastic cap, followed by a heating cap, and I settled in with a couple of good magazines.

The One-Hour Treatment works by opening the hair's cuticle for 20 minutes, depositing the Treatment in my hair for 20 minutes, then re-closing the cuticle.

After rinsing out all of the Treatment and sealing my hair with the Madora/George Michael Cream Rinse, Lance roller set my hair and placed me under a dryer.

After my hair was completely dry, Lance carefully combed me out for the shiny, healthy results! I was instructed not to get my hair wet for 72 hours so my hair could oxidize and seal in the good results from the Treatment.

Of course, I couldn't leave Enchantress empty-handed! I took with me a Madora/George Michael 12-minute Conditioner (Lance recommends applying this to damp hair once a month), a wide-tooth travel comb, a bottle of Rusk Brilliance smoothing serum and a new set of large magnetic rollers and pins.